Frequently Asked Questions

Is renting a Cleveland Limo Bus very expensive?
As with all things, that will depend on your budget. What we can tell you right now is that all of us at Cleveland Limo Bus are very conscious of our customers' financial requirements. If you specify that you are price-conscious and that you need to save as much money as possible, we will work with you to do just that. Likewise, if you're living large and want everything to be as luxurious as can be, we can make that happen for you too. In any case, all of your price questions will be answered with an instant price quote from Cleveland Limo Bus that can be had by calling us at 440-252-2855. You can also get one via email within 24-48 hours by emailing us here.

Our party may run longer than expected. Will there be overtime charges?
Cleveland Limo Bus never charges additional fees for keeping our vehicles longer. Your normal agreed-upon hourly rates will simply continue to be charged. The great news is that we break that down to a 15-minute billing cycle so that you'll never pay for a full hour (or even a full half-hour!) that you don't use. Watching the clock is not fun during party bus trips, and this is Cleveland Limo Bus's way of making sure that you don't have to!

Can underage friends travel with us if there is alcohol on board?
By law, we cannot allow anyone under 21 to ride in the limo bus when there is alcohol present. If you do not have alcohol on board, you're more than welcome to invite all ages, and if you do so, we encourage you to stock the bar with yummy non-alcoholic beverages such as sports drinks, iced coffees, iced teas, and bottled juice or water!

There are flat screen TVs in your buses. Can we bring our own DVDs?
Yes you may! Please note that we also have superb audio systems for your enjoyment too, and you can bring either CDs or simply bring your MP3 player or smart phone to connect and listen to your favorite play lists. Many of our customers enjoy accessing Pandora or Spotify via their unlimited data plans on their phones and enjoying the high quality sound through our speakers and subwoofers!

Do we need to clean up our Cleveland Limo Bus before we return?
We don't expect that you'll have to do any major cleanups, but we do appreciate you returning the bus to us in the condition that it was presented to you in. You may want to note that we cannot by law return any alcoholic beverages to you that are left on the bus when you depart at the end of the evening, so be sure to take anything with you that you don't want to be disposed of.

Can our reservation be canceled?
Before you pay your deposit, you are informed that there are no cancellations. Only book once you are 100% sure because once you pay your deposit, there are no cancellations. You will have to pay the full amount even if you don't use the service. You cannot even switch the day of your reservation. Depending on availability, you might be able to upgrade/downgrade your vehicle or change the time of your reservation earlier/later.

If you have any questions of your own, call 440-252-2855 or email

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